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40 Sq Ft
200 Sq Ft

We like to think of ourselves as more than a company that simply sells you space. Unlike other storage companies we are flexible to your exacting and often changing requirements. We'll happily inform you if we believe that you could benefit from a smaller unit and thus a reduced rate on your storage unit. Have more than you thought originally? That's no issue either. We'll always endeavour to find the storage unit that exactly fits your need, not the storage unit you throught did.

25 Square Feet

You'll need...

2 estate cars/ small van

(W) x (L) x (H)

6ft 6" x 4ft x 8ft

Cubic metres 6.70

Cubic feet 201.00

35 Square Feet


(W) x (L) x (H)

7ft x 5ft x 8ft

Cubic metres 7.93

Cubic feet 280

Note: These units are suitable for small furniture and boxes. Typically we let these units to people who require seasonal/ overflow storage

50 Square Feet

You'll need...

transit van swb/ lwb

(W) x (L) x (H)

7ft 6" x 7ft x 8ft

Cubic metres 11.33

Cubic feet 400

75 Square Feet


(W) x (L) x (H)

7ft 6" x 10ft x 8ft

Cubic metres 17.00

Cubic feet 600

Note: These units are suitable for a 2/3 bedroom house. You can declutter your home for a sale or hold stock for a retail premises.

100 Square Feet

1 luton transit/ 7.5tonne

You'll need...

(W) x (L) x (H)

10ft x 10ft x 8ft

Cubic metres 22.65

Cubic feet 800

150 Square Feet


(W) x (L) x (H)

15ft x 10ft x 8ft

Cubic metres 34.00

Cubic feet 1200

Note: These units are normall used for "whole" house moves normally a 3 to 4 bedroom size. Much obviously depends on size of furniture etc

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